Jesus and I


I lived in Indiana for a year when I was young and 17 as a high school exchange student. It opened my little Japanese world to whole another level. I did not speak much English though I read and wrote all right. My loving host family was very religious in the most wonderful ways. They were kind and understanding. We still stay in touch and see each other once in a while after 16 years!!!

Anyways, I went to their Presbyterian church every Sunday for the service and adult Sunday school. I must say I really appreciated the teaching there. Though mom (I still call her that) and I have some discussions going because I am a gay man about to get married, the church was about love one another and accepting differences. A long story short, in the end of the year I was blessed by Jesus, and I had a period I called myself a Christian. I still could. What Jesus represents in the bible is wonderful. I truly can say that the relationships I had with people in Indiana opened up my heart tremendously.

In the context of meditation, Meggan Watterson talks about how there was meditation practice in Christian tradition, also about the prayer. For anything, I still learn about the bible through the RobCast.

In the end, any wisdom traditions have wonderful things to offer. And I’d say Jesus and I are in a pretty good term now.

Intention of seeing clearly 


When I was practicing with Andy P.(on the app lol), he would sometimes ask to set an intention. I watched so many anime growing up, usually things come up to me in cartoon ways. Every time for me then it was Princess Mononoke…

“To see with eyes unclouded by hate”

They translation gets very particular about the hate but basically seeing clearly with unclouded eyes. So that was my intention for a long time, still is.  It is very helpful for me to have any simple humane intentions for meditation practice. Usually after settling in the posture, I briefly ask myself or remind myself why I practice. Especially when I do that in the morning, the intention of the practice seep into the day and carries on.