Kei is a non-binary POC mindfulness meditation practitioner and certified instructor. They have finished 300-hour teacher training at MNDFL in 2016 and now they are a qualified MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction) teacher through the Mindfulness Center at Brown University. Their practice is rooted in Vipassana (insight) meditation within Theravada Buddhist tradition. Their big influence in Mahasi tradition came from Steven Smith, Michele McDonald, and Jesse Vaga-Frey at Vipassana Hawai’i. They have also studied Bhikkhu Analayo’s Satipatthana course, and sat with Sayadaw U Tejania on a retreat.

Kei shares the practice free of charge, supported with freely offered generosity from the people and organizations. They have been working with non-profit organization, agencies, Broadway actors, crews, LGBTQ community, and social workers. Any interests in having Kei for a class at studio or company, please contact.

@ Kyaswa Monastery in Burma 2018

アメリカでアジア人Xジェンダー講師として活動中。ニューヨーク初のメディテーションスタジオMNDFL (マインドフル) でマインドフルネス講師養成300時間プログラムを2016年に修了。その後はヴィッパサナーハワイのSteven Smith、Michele McDonald、 Jesse Vaga-Freyから学んでいる。他にもBikkhu Analayo や Sayadaw U Tejaniaから仏教を基板した教えも受ける。2021年に米国Brown大学認定 MBSR (マインドフルネスストレス低減法) 講師になりました。アメリカではブロードウェイ俳優、非営利団体、一般の会社でクラスを公開中。日本でもヨガスタジオやLGBTコミュニティで教え始める。講演会などのリクエストはこちらから → コンタクト

毎週木曜日 日本時間19時〜19時45分 
こちらでライブ配信中 → JIBUNME

Guided lying down meditation/ light body scan

Guided lying down meditation/ body scan

Guided metta (6 sense doors)/ loving-kindness

Guided metta (with phrases)/ loving-kindness-

Guided metta (loving-kindness) walking meditation

Guided walking meditation

Guided meditation with anchor

Guided mindfulness of breath (English)

呼吸を使ったマインドフルネス (Japanese)

A talk I gave on mindfulness for performing artists.