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Kei Tsuruharatani

(yes it’s crazy like… KAY SOO-ruu-hah-rah-TAH-nee)Kei + Joe Blog 22.jpg

Welcome!!! I’m from Osaka, Japan and have been a dancer over ten years traveling around the world from south east Asia, Japan, Mexico, and all over the US. Now a little bit settled in New York with my husband and a puppy.


I’m very motivated to bring mindfulness into this entertainment industry where it seems like the competitiveness comes first. It’s cut throat! It’s a dog-eat-dog world!! I don’t think so. Really kindness comes first and the most. I’ve learned this through mindfulness practice in the midst of working on Broadway productions, the Metropolitan Opera productions, and just living in NYC.


Somehow things also led me to assist choreographing and teaching dance along the way, which broadened my perspective. What works and what doesn’t. If not, how do we make it work. Figuring out with choreographers or students, I came to love the process and the experiences that comes out of it.


I have daily meditation practice. Also teach mindfulness meditation. I have been certified by MNDFL with Lodro Rinzler as a mentor and teacher in 2016. More about schedule is here.

ニューヨーク初のメディテーションスタジオMNDFL で宗教的ではなく脳科学などに基づくマインドフルネスの講師資格を2016年に取得。ニューヨークはもちろん日本でも広めていけたらと思います。詳しくはこちらで→メディテーション

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