What’s the point?


When people ask me:

 “What’s the purpose of meditation?”

I always have to pause. Even though I practice everyday and I teach mindfulness, it’s difficult to answer that question. I wanna say just practice itself is the purpose, but I can also say to be there fully for your loved ones… or to be happier and kinder… or to be better at life (maybe not lol). I pause because if anyone starts meditation to get somewhere or somehing, that may cause more confusion and stress. Because things may not be going to be the way you want it to be.

When I meditated to be calmer, sometimes it happened but sometimes it didn’t. And when it didn’t, I got even more frustrated meditating. I may have missed the point (if any) of meditation there. Just to be with whatever arising. One quote from Bhagavad-gītā says;

“The secret of human freedom is to act well without attachment to the result.”

It’s so hard to understand though!!! I wanna do things and get better! But it’s saying that it’s not the case. It ties to kindness will result in kindness but not the way you expect or imagine. The tomato seeds will grow into tomatos not watermelons but you can’t control how red or how big or when it’s going to be ripen…. am I making sense?

So for me the purpose of meditation is just to do it. And on the course of it, I may be kinder and happier. It’s a bonus!!

The Whole30 and Mindfulness 


I was listening to Rich Roll Podcast, discussing about vegan diet. And there are friends on the whole30, no carb, no sugar… it’s amazing how many things there are with food and diet. And with all the diet structure, the people seems to be generally happier doing it.

It got me wondering… what is it to do with all the diet stuff??? 

Oh, the people are just more aware of what they do in everyday life to be healthier and happier. 

I’m sure there are many nutritional stuff happening, of course, but just the core of it is that people are more awake and know what they are doing. Taking up on anything new, language classes or fitness classes, naturally makes us pay attention more. And it usually comes from a good intention. That’s just so beneficial!

Having a program or structure help us to be aware of what’s aligned or not aligned. Not aligned doesn’t mean bad or wrong. But just having the structure for having one is really enough. That would simply help us see what’s going on around it, around us. 

And of course, I’m gonna say (haha), mindfulness is really the direct way to work with the awareness and maybe become a bit happier and kinder. I love doing fitness and health stuff too but always come back to the cushion.